Greene County Faces $2.5 Million Deficit In FY 2019

The Greene County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously yesterday (Monday) to approve a Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 budget with a $2.5 million deficit. The county’s revenues for next year are projected at just under $11.4 million with expenditures estimated at $13.9 million, up $2 million from the current budget year. The discrepancy in expenses is due to a number of new projects that may or may not be completed in the next budget year and increases in worker benefits, such as health insurance costs and compensation. County taxable land valuations also saw only modest improvements. Rural land valuations increased only three-hundredths (0.03) of a percent from last year. Urban valuations grew 4.67 percent to bring the countywide increase to 1.29 percent. This equates to $200,000 in new money collected in FY 2019. County Auditor, Jane Huen, says it is unlikely expenses will reach as high as projected because counties often overestimate their costs to allow for greater spending authority.