Fort Dodge To Be One Of 40 Hosts For 2,000 Mile Trivia Challenge This September

A televised 2,000 mile trivia game challenge, the “Fireball Run,” has announced it will be making a stop in Fort Dodge in September during their 11th season. The 26-episode show, according to Fort Dodge Convention and Visitors Bureau Executive Director, Kerrie Kuiper, is a bit like the “Amazing Race,” but puts more focus on the communities visited. She says she was told it is like a combination of the “Amazing Race,” “How It’s Made,” “Dirty Jobs” and a history and travel show. Forty teams will be competing in communities across the Midwest, but not for a cash prize, the only thing they will be taking home is bragging rights and a plastic road sign. The town of Fort Dodge has been working since May of last year to become a host of the event, but doing so comes at a cost. They are now looking for sponsors to help defray the estimated $90,000 to $100,000 expense. Each destination will also have their own team in the competition. Kuiper says the Fort Dodge team will be made up of chief executive officers and owners of major companies, politicians and celebrities. Distributed by Amazon Prime Instant Video, The “Fireball Run” will stream on Amazon Prime and is televised in India, Africa, Latin America, Europe and soon in Australia. After the filming in September, there will be an approximately nine-month production period before the show airs. More details about this year’s race will be revealed when show officials host a press event in Fort Dodge on March 21. More information about the show can be found by logging on to