Carroll-Area Residents Visited By Fake Door-To-Door Salesman

A number of area residents were visited Wednesday by a man falsely claiming to represent Mediacom and Dish Network. The allegedly fake door-to-door salesman was approaching homes and attempting to sell television packages. No losses have been reported from interactions with this individual. The Carroll Police Department has contacted the man with orders to cease going door to door, as he did not possess a solicitor’s permit from the city. Authorities have not received any additional reports since speaking with him. If you are suspicious of a door-to-door salesperson, ask to see their solicitor’s permit. A background check is completed on all applicants before being issued. Police Chief, Brad Burke, recommends citizens avoid giving out personal information to strangers and to not let them into your home for any reason. He asks residents contact the police department at 792-3536 if approached by someone attempting sales without a valid permit.