Camp With The Champs Entries!

Congratulations to Jane Seigner of Vail, our grand prize winner of a fantastic trip to Cubs spring training!  We got a lot of really great entries, so here is a sample of some of our favorite entries for our Camp With The Champs contest!  We couldn’t fit all of our entries here so enjoy just a sample of the great letters and pictures we received.  One thing is for sure, there is nothing like the dedication of Cubs fans to their team!  Keep listening to 1380 KCIM this summer for another exciting year of Cubs baseball.  Opening day is Sunday, April 2nd at the St Louis Cardinals!


Hi, I’m Brad Lohr and I am devoted to the Cubs because not only am I a big fan, I am raising the Cub’s number 1 fan. His name is Brayden he is 8 and he loves all things Cubs. When he was 5 he started watching and reading about the Cubs. He records every game since most are played at night past his bedtime or while he is at school/daycare and watches them in the morning while getting ready or when he gets home. He even gets in trouble for taking up all the memory on the DVR. He was so upset when he didn’t get to stay up after his bedtime to watch the world series but, he did wake up do to my excessive celebrating. His closet is full of Cubs gear and insists on wearing a Cubs shirt EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. even in the off season. I am pretty sure people think that all he has for clothes is Cubs shirts. His mom asks him not to wear them because he has worn them so many times most of them are faded but, he still insists on wearing them. I have attached a picture of just a sample of all his shirts.

Last spring we got the chance to go to Wrigley for a game and he loved every minute of it. He even got the chance to tour Wrigley and run the bases. He had the biggest smile on his face the whole time. Everyday he asks if we get to go back. He even asked Santa and family members for game tickets for Christmas. He is constantly reading about the Cubs and if people try to quiz him over different statistics and he knows most of the answers. He also knows every player on the team and their stats.

I tried to attach a video of him singing his favorite song at Wrigley but it wouldn’t allow.

Having the Cubs as a hobby for both of us has been a great bonding experience for us and if we get the chance to be able to spend time together at spring training would be something we would never forget. It would be something we would talk about for years to come!




I have been a fan for so many years my nickname in high school was Ernie Ernie Banks was my favorite player I grew up in the Chicago are my Dad always took us to wriggly field to watch the cubs




In 2009 we took a bus trip to Wrigley field. Punky and I had been dating since January 2007 so we had been talking about getting married but didn’t know when we wanted to get married. We got to the field and got some food and drinks. We were watching the game and punky told me to look at the big billboard and it said congrats Kayla and punky on your engagement. I looked over at him and he was down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes He definitely had some help from family and friends. My mom said her and a girlfriend were going shopping in Des Moines and little did I know after punky proposed she came and found us. Punkys dad and brother were there to so it was definitely priceless day we will never forget. We would love to go see the cubs again since we have not seen them since we got engaged.




I am biggest. Been following the Cubbies since age 5. Win or lose always bled cubby blue listen on radio at work and always watch when on tv. I absolutely cried like a baby and shook when they won national league. Went to game 3,4,and 5. At wrigley. Absolutely would die and go to heaven to go to spring training. Was a dream come true to see the world series. Thank you




I made sure to even wear red white and blue tank tops in the cold weather to work every night of the world series hust for luck! Even made sure the tv was playing the games there too!




I have been a fan since I was a little girl and would watch the Cubs on WGN with my Grandma all summer. Best memories with her were watching the games and sipping cold homemade fresh lemonade



I’ve been a Cubs fan since I was about 6 years old. I remember in Little League I was always so upset when the other teams would get the Cubs Uniforms and I would be stuck with the Marlins or Rockies. My friends all think I’m crazy because I make it a point to try and watch every single game. I was able to go to Chicago and be in the atmosphere of Games 5 and 6 but wasn’t able to afford a ticket to the games. Just being in the Wrigleyville area during the World Series is something I will remember forever!


Ha! My mother told me that I was born with glasses and a Cubs hat on. I did my first college in Chicago and lived on the north side near enough to Wrigley Field that I could hear the roar of the crowd. I would jump out of my study chair and turn the volume knob up to listen to the game on my black & white tv. My best friend, from high school, is a die-hard St Louis Cardinal fan (sic) and he has harassed me for years as a “lovable loser,” but in 2016 I became a “lovable winner!” Go Cubs go!




Extremely devoted! I take after my mom who is a HUGE fan. She got me hooked on listening to the games on the radio and love listening to Pat and Ron announce the games like you are at Wrigley Field. We love going to the Iowa Cubs and Chicago Cubs games together. Loved being able to watch the Cubs at Wrigley and experience a “W” while we were there are first time together. Fan for life! I would absolutely love to cheer on the Cubs at spring training! Go Cubs Go!




My husband has been a Cubs FOREVER!!! I don’t just want him to win this trip because of him being a Cubs fan, but because he is an amazing husband, dad, and just all around a good man. 3 years ago he gave my sister a kidney. He would do anything for anyone regardless. Please consider him to win this trip, he would LOVE to see the Cubs!!!


I am writing to enter my husband, Sean, into this contest. He is a true life long fan of the Chicago Cubs. He is not a fan that just jumps on the band wagon because the team is having a good season. Sean is turning 50 this week, and in our house the man cave is decorated with his childhood Cubs memorabilia from the 1970s. I can’t think of a game that he has not watched on tv or listened to on his radio. When mowing the lawn it is not uncommon to see him with his hand held radio, listening to the Cubs. Sean has passed his passion for Cubs baseball down to our son. Together they spend hours cheering on the team. It was Sean’s father that passed down the passion to him. Mike, a life long Cubs fan himself, wanted to live to see the Cubs win a World Series. Unfortunately, Mike died this fall before that could happen. However, we believe that he had the ‘best seat in the house’ to watch that final game. And for that final game, during the height of the excitement, our 17 year old daughter called that she had a flat tire. Being a good father, Sean turned up his radio and headed out to help her get her tire fixed. While he was able to make it home to watch the win, he doesn’t let her live down that she pulled him away from the final game in which the Cubs finally won the World Series.




I am a VERY devoted Cubs fan! I have been following them and cheering for them since I was a little boy. My dad was a Cub’s fan, so I guess I started to listen to their games on KCIM with him. My wife and I went to Chicago last summer to attend a game at Wrigley Field. It was the highlight of my summer!




I have been a Cubs fan all my life and then I met my husband Doug and he was a Cubs fan along with his mom, Dort who passed away over 8 years ago. We have brought up our kids to be Cubs fans (and Vikings fans) and our son once said, when he was around 10 years old – why do we go for the teams that always lose?? We told him you stay true to your teams no matter what and someday they will be good and they will win the “big one” – well that year was 2016!!! Pictures/snapchats are of us watching every game on TV and then celebrating with picture of Doug’s mom (along with several other family members who loved those CUBBIES!!!) and Doug hanging the “W” flag after each win – then documenting the win of the century with Christmas cards that shows our love for our CUBS! This trip would be a dream come true and an awesome way to “keep celebrating” that milestone win that I am so proud to have been a part of along with my husband & kids!!




I’ve been a massive Cubs fan since 1984. My wife and I had a Cubs themed wedding last summer with all Cubs decorations. She walked down the aisle to Take Me Out to the Ballgame and the recessional was Go Cubs Go. Even our dog sports a Cubs bandanna all year round.












My devotion to the Cubs
Live and breathe Cubbies blue !! Love
this team, snd all the memories that
go with it !!
Cubs fans are the best!! Not always on the winning side, but that’s what makes it so awesome!
Love the Iowa Cubs. So great to see
players in DesMoines living for
their dream, and then to see them
on the Major League is amazing !!
Was lucky enough to see Kris Bryant go 5 for 5 , with 2 home runs!! August 18, 2016 . Even that day we were chanting
MVP ! One of my many Chicago memories.
Was watching the news in Chicago , and saw ourselves on TV replay of him
hitting his second homer that afternoon. We were in dugout seats , I remember
( Submitted photo) Also submitted photo of my Sister & I at Wrigley last Summer
My love for the Cubs stated when I was like 5 yrs old. Remember watching games with my Dad, who now is 83. And WOW did we enjoy watching the World Series
together this year!! My Mother always has said I should of been a boy!
Winning or losing its Alaways Baseball at its best !
At Wrigley it’s maybe the green ivy, or the old scoreboard. The flags waving
over the bleachers, or maybe late in
the afternoon when the seagulls take
over centerfield. There’s nothing quite like it on earth!
David Ross handed me a ball in August , after Eddie Vedder threw the first
Pitch that day . He is a class act!
( He may retire , but he’ll never quit)
After that game , Ben Zobrist signed
that ball for me, and I bought it home
gave it to my Dad . That was pretty
sweet when he won MVP !
It is simply Amazing this team in blue & white pinstripes, from the great City of Chicago is our World Champs!!! A
wait of a lifetime for me !
It would be a dream come true to
see the Cubs at spring training!!!
There is nothing quite like the sound
of Chicago Cubs baseball !!!
Like Heaven On Earth ️


Hello! My name is Eric, and I am a born and raised Cubs fan. Once the Cubbies clinched a spot in the World Series, I bought celebratory champagne because I knew it was the year. At midnight when they won, I was spraying that champagne in celebration. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to go to Wrigleyville during the World Series but didn’t make it into a game. I’d love to be able to bring my dad, the one who showed me what it is to be a true Cubs fan, down to Arizona to celebrate the start of another victorious Cubs year! Go Cubs Go! Here’s a link to a video to show how much of a Cub fan I am! Thank you so much!






I am actually writing for my husband Brian. He is I think the biggest Cubbies fan I know. Since we met, we have been to Chicago twice and to training game in Az once. My husband has more than 25 different shirts and sweatshirts supporting the Cubs! He has a couple of different watches as well. For his birthday back in October I gave him a Cubbies winter coat and I think he almost cried he was so excited. He has a man cave in our basement dedicated to his favorite teams: Iowa Hawkeyes, Cubbies and Dallas Cowboys.

I have heard him say many times that he will be a Cubs fan for the rest of his life, no matter what. He could probably tell you anything you wanted to know about the Cubs. He is a die-hard fan and watches all the games that he can, if he can’t watch them at the moment, he records them to watch later. When the Cubs made it to the world series, He was the most excited person I know. The night of the final game, he was laying in bed after the delay at the end, I was watching the game from the living room, when the cubs won I couldn’t hear him in the bedroom. I wondered if he had fallen asleep so I went to tell him. When I got in the room there he was hands raised in the air and speechless…something that never happens. I asked him what he thought and the response I got was priceless. He said “I cant move…I don’t know what to say!” If you know my husband he is a man of little excitement so for him to be that excited was an awesome thing to see.

For Christmas I got him the World Series watch and I think he almost cried. He also received a 1000 piece puzzle of Wrigley Field glued and ready to hang in his man Cave.

He is my biggest supporter and I would love for him to win this gift! When my sister told me about this competition I immediately wanted to submit for him. He is and will always be the biggest Cubs fan!




First off I would like to note this is best contest I have ever heard of or signed up for. After the great season the Chicago Cubs had this is a great way to start the 2017 Baseball season. I am a 3rd generation die hard Cubs fan all the way back to my Grandpa Bud and his brother Charlie to my Dad , brother and uncle Mark who gave me my first Cubs hat when I was 10 years old. I’ve had the privilege of attended games and seeing great Cub players with the organization. I’ve joined family and friends with memories on many life times from the smile of a terminally ill friends smile attending the game , no hitters, grand slams October birthday post season game to a World Series game with my dad. I would have to say a trip to Maze for some spring training ball would have to be another mark off the bucket list. Thanks for the opportunity




Along with numerous Cubs fans, it’s difficult coming up with words to describe when Bryant threw the final ball to Rizzo and we heard the words, “The Chicago Cubs are World Series Champions!” I was born and raised to love the Cubbies. After my first trip to Wrigley Field at the age of five, we began a family tradition to visit a new Major League Baseball Stadium that the Cubs played at every summer. Some of my absolute favorite childhood memories are traveling to watch the Cubbies with my mom, dad and sister, Allissa. The numerous memories our family has of traveling to watch the Cubs became even more valuable after my mom lost her battle to cancer in 2005. Looking back on pictures of our trips to Chicago, St. Louis, Denver, Kansas City and Atlanta to cheer on the Cubbies simply bring a smile to my face as a special memory of my mom. This year, it was only appropriate to decorate her stone at the cemetery with a Cubs World Series Champions banner, as I’m positive she is still celebrating the win in Heaven today!

The first thing I did after the Cubs won the World Series was call my dad in tears. He was just as emotional as I was and when he could finally say words he repeated numerous times, “History was made. History was made. After all those family vacations following the Cubbies every summer over the years, history has finally been made.” So many of my favorite memories throughout my life have involved cheering on the Cubbies, and I would love the opportunity to add another memory to the list watching the Cubs play during spring training in Mesa!



Where do I even start, I have been a Cubs fan forever! From my email, to license plate covers, blankets, stadium seats, wall hangings, posters, years of The Vine magazines, books , DVDs and my obsession of not missing a game. Ask my family, co workers, and friends I may miss 1 or 2 games a year otherwise I listen (thank you 1380) regardless if I’m at work, mowing, at the fair, at my kids sporting event, washing 4h calves, I am always listening to the game! One thing that drives my kids nuts is I record all the games, so if there was a good play or something exciting that happened during that game I can rewatch it! The Cubs flag and this year the W are always flying in my yard! So many of my friends have told me I am crazy and needed to follow another team , I told them I could never do that and my long wait came true this year! This was the year! These images that I uploaded are images I post on my Facebook page all season long and pictures of us at Wrigley and the flags flying at my house! I would be honored to be selected as the biggest Cubs fan and if I’m not I still know I am! Go Cubs Go and thank you of this




I have listened to the Cubs since I was little with my Aunt Regina…although she is no longer with us…my husband and I watch,listen,tape,and follow the Cubs religiously!! We were soo excited to see the outcome last fall and we’re devastated that medical reasons kept us from Chicago during the Series!! Heading to Council Bluffs to see the trophy in Feb to catch a glance and dream of future series wins!!! Go Cubs Go!!




You can say I was born to be a Cubs fan. This was in large part due to my father. He was a huge fan! Growing up in the 80s, WGN was on for every game. Harry Caray was a constant voice in our living room. Not only was Harry shouting, “Cubs Win!” or “Holy Cow!” but a lot of noise came from my dad – mostly a lot of yelling . When the Cubs were not playing he would take me outside to practice grounders & pop ups. Baseball was the only sport I was interested in. My father worked long hard hours so it was such a treat to play ball with him. Otherwise I would sit on the floor and watch along. I was a big fan of Ryne Sandberg (I was him for Halloween when I was 9yrs old). I also liked the catcher, Jodi Davis (mostly because of the sing-song way Harry Caray said his name). My dad also liked Ryne and the pitcher Rick Sutchiffe (I just thought that was a funny name & he looked like a Viking). It was a dream for the dad to go to Wrigley but unfortunately that never happened. My dad passed away from cancer when I was just a senior in high school. But my younger siblings and I continued to follow the Cubs.

When I was in college in Des Moines, I got to see Mark Grace & Sammy Sosa play in an expedition game at Sec Taylor (Principal Park) in 1995. And my younger sisters were with me and they almost got Mark’s autograph – so close. Then in the 2000s the Cubs were looking good again, they had the awesome pitching duo of Kerry Wood & Mark Prior. I really thought this was the year. But we all know what happened. Just wasn’t meant to be.

In 2012 I finally made it to Wrigley Field! My husband & I went with another couple (one was a Cardinals fan – guess no one’s perfect). I was thrilled to see the ballpark coming off the L-train. But I was not prepared when I saw the field & ivy in person! Tears filled my eyes, it was a religious experience, no other way to explain being there. Then singing “Take me out to the ballgame” – like are you kidding me – is this really happening?!?! And the Cubs beat the Cardinals – hahaha! Best day ever (not counting getting married & having my 2 kids – but close!).

Well that was best day until this fall, still can’t believe it happened. Actually the last two years have been so much fun watching them. The guys are so talented. And it only got better during the NLDS and World Series as I’m listening to KCIM, or in the Roselle Tavern watching or at home cheering on my Cubbies! I had pair of Cubs socks I wore on gamedays – didn’t wash them of course (just a little smelly). They had me worried until game 5 (so glad didn’t wash my socks hehe) and I knew no more “next year” – it would be this year!! I was at the Roselle Tavern watching game 7. Everything was going so well…until the Indians tied it up. NO!!! And then was the rain delay. I needed the break too. I posted on facebook the following: The rain delay was all the Cub fans in heaven crying because of the tie. But then the bats got hot, 2 runs & then 3 outs! Holy Cow! Cubs win! I fell to the ground crying I was so happy! (there is actually a live FB video – guys I work with say I need to send that in). All I could think was my dad! He was with me that night, definitely felt his presence.

The Cubs are more than just a baseball team or game – it’s about family. Baseball is about celebrating and sharing special moments with family and friends. I’ve already starting passing this love down to my daughter. We’ve been to the Merchants & Iowa Cubs games. So I would be honored to see the Champions during spring training and would love to be able to bring along my younger sister.

Thank you for letting me share my story & my love for the Cubbies! (really wanted to send an iMovie but couldn’t upload it) (if you want to go to my facebook page go to my videos to see me live after they won – it is assuming!)


Hi my name is kenedy and I am doing this because my dad LOVES the Cubs. My house is full of cubs things but our garage has even more things in it because we like to hang out in there. My favorite player is Chris Bryant. I know a couple of players names and number. I may not know many but the thing is it’s not about me it’s about my dad I’m pretty sure he likes you so much he would marry one of you. My father and I would love to meet the team. We stayed up watching the World Series games and while watching you guys, we were cheering you on and loudly. I can sing the whole cubs song with no help. I would really appreciate it if you could let me and my dad go but I bet a lot of people would also so I know that I can only hope and pray you pick me I appreciate that you took your time to read this Thanks for reading.





My dad is the biggest cubs fan in the world. He showed me the cubs about a year ago. The tickets would be the best thank you for introducing the cubs to me gift. I know a lot of there name, Bryant, Rizzo ,Russell, Ross, and Biaz . I also know there numbers too, 17, 44, 27, 3, and 9. I love watching the world series and so does my dad. So that’s why I would love to go see them.
P.S. I love Bryant 17! P.S. P.S. I know the song too.





I started following the Cubs when my Aunt Cindy babysat me as a kid, they were always on WGN in the afternoon. I’ve followed them “religiously” since 1998 when my all time favorite player, Sammy Sosa, brought my interest back to baseball. I even have a 16 pound bowling ball with his face on it. I have 11 Cubs hats, and I’m proud to say 2 of them say World Series Champions on them! I’ve almost been fired from my job for following every regular season game on my cell phone. I randomly drove to Wrigley Field twice this last season. They lost both games, lol. I got my 62 year old dad to go with me on one of those trips, and he NEVER leaves the farm. I skipped work for game 7 of the World Series (I work nights). I literally sweat truth my hat 2 times during that game, and it was cold in my house. There’s really nothing I love more than the Chicago Cubs. They could go 0-162 and I’d still be cheering them on. I have a personalized jersey, #21, with SHEEDER on the back, I got it in blue because that’s the uniforms the Cubs were wearing when they won the World Series! I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving than my dad and I for this giveaway you’re having. I’m sore I’m forgetting to list at least 108 things, but eventually it won’t matter.
-Willis Holden Sheeder
(My dad, Donald, and I, in picture)















My life as a baseball fan began when I was a small girl growing up on a small family farm in Westside. My dad was an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan. Many of our summer nights were spent listening to Harry Carey call the St. Louis Cardinals games on the radio. At that time, games on TV only happened on Saturday or Sunday afternoons and usually it was only one game. I learned all the baseball terms listening to Harry, (pick off move, double play, sacrifice, squeeze play, double header, etc). I could only picture what a major league park looked like. TV broadcasters were Dizzy Dean and PeeWee Reese. I watched in awe, from our little black and white TV, those massive ball parks and all the lucky fans that got to watch players like Don Drysdale, Bob Gibson, Maury Wills, and Ernie Banks.

Fast forward 30 years. I got married, had two children, and became a working mom who worked mostly at night so we could avoid the childcare expense. One afternoon while folding laundry, I stumbled on a new station on our new cable TV. WGN!! WGN changed by life. I was immediately reconnected with baseball and I felt as if I was a child again. I could watch, almost every afternoon, the Chicago Cubs play baseball, and most exciting of all, Harry Carey was now the voice of the Cubs! I was hooked. I watched as often as I could and soon found they were on the radio as well. I didn’t first understand why they only played afternoon games until I learned they didn’t have lights. I found this made the Cubs the only team who really played the game as it was intended. I also became intrigued by Wrigley Field. As my children got older, I changed from night work to working at a bank in Carroll. Imagine my excitement when I could get in my car after work, turn on KCIM radio, and hear “The Chicago Cubs are on the Air” ringing in my ears. That made my day and still does.

I wanted so much for my husband, Allen and my children to have the same love for the Cubs as I did, so in 1988, while planning a vacation to the East coast, I scheduled a “Cubs game” into our schedule. They were playing of all teams, the St. Louis Cardinals, their arch rivals and my dad’s favorite team. It was a Friday afternoon day game in spite of the fact the lights had been turned on at Wrigley just a couple of weeks before our game. We got tickets in the upper deck on the 3rd base line. Not the best tickets, but I didn’t care. We were going to Wrigley Field to watch a baseball game “live”. I still remember my childlike excitement of looking at the marquee and getting there in time for our family to go down and watch warm-ups. Rick Sutcliffe was the pitcher for the day, at first was Mark Grace, Ryne Sandberg at 2nd, Shawon Dunston at short, and Vance Law at 3rd. Andre Dawson and Rafeal Palmeiro were at right and left field and Jody Davis was catcher. Don Zimmer was their manager. We lost, with only one Cub getting a base hit, Vance Law. Yes, we were disappointed, but not really. By this time I was an experienced Cub fan and knew that losing was just part of it. I still remember this day as being one of the best days ever. My husband and I have traveled to Wrigley Field two more times and have seen the Cubs in Kansas City twice.

Through the years I have listened or watched every Cubs game possible. I love watching them on TV, but prefer to listen on the radio. I guess that is the way I started as a child, so it just feels comfortable, but now I know what Wrigley Field actually looks like. My children give me a hard time because I carry my “Cubs” radio all over the yard when I am gardening or wear my earphones when mowing the law. By the way, my “Cubs” radio doesn’t say Cubs, but is simply an ancient radio with a place for 8 track tapes. After listening to last season, I can’t part with it now!

I can’t even speak of the excitement I felt when the Cubs won the World Series. After the 2003 post season, I just wouldn’t allow myself to get so hopeful as to see them even get to a World Series, let alone win one. I still watched and listened with hopeful anticipation that someday it would happen. My husband Allen and I were in Florida with my son and his family when the Cubs won the game to go to the series. I felt just numb. I couldn’t believe it, and now wanted it all. When the World Series went to that 7th game, I felt we really could do it. Ask Allen how I did watching game 7. He will tell you I was a total wreck. I couldn’t watch when the Indians tied the game. He was reporting to me what was going on. I cried in disbelief when they won and knew I was in for a long night. My phone lit up with texts and I watched as much post game as I could until I finally fell asleep.

I have everything recorded on my DVD, game 7, the parade, the World Series specials, and have watched them over and over. I can’t wait for 2017 and would love to see them at Mesa.

I’ve always felt bad that my dad just couldn’t understand why myself and my siblings became Cub’s fans instead of Cardinal fans. We just told him it was Harry Carey, WGN and KCIM that did it. Attached is a picture of me with my “Cubs” radio, 8 track player and all.






My husband Kipp and I are both huge sports fans but rarely agree on who is “The Best!” Me a die hard Cyclone fan & him a die hard Hawk. I love the Vikings, he’s a a Giants fan. I cheer on the Lakers while he does the Cavs. Needless to say we are definitely a rival home except for the most important team of all….We BOTH LOVE the CUBS!!!
I have always followed and loved the Cubs but when I met my husband I realized he was an insane Cubs fan! I have never met a more die hard fan than him and actually at the beginning of our relationship 10 years ago it was annoying as hell but now I am right there with him!
He does not miss ONE game the entire season! He even talked me into buying the MLB extra innings! I know that seems hard to believe considering he works a 8-5 job, but if it’s a day game we record it and watch it after work! I am not allowed on FB or any social media at all if it’s a day game so I don’t find out the score. This has gotten me in trouble a few times or I have had to lie to him and watch the game knowing they lost or yell at anyone who brings the Cubs up to me during the day!
“Go Cubs Go” is sung in our house as much as the Abc’s! I run an in home daycare and all the kids know the song along with our 4 and 1 year old! Our Christmas card this year revolved around the Cubs winning the World Series!
Kipp not only follows the Cubs but also all of the minor league teams as well…Iowa, Tennessee, Myrtle Beach and South Bend! He knows who the young guys are coming up. He says look out for Ian Happ and Eloy Jimenez!
Kipp was so excited when the Cubs won the NLCS that he jumped up and down so much that he got a bloody nose. We laughed that he wouldn’t make it to watch them play in the World Series! He cried more when they won the World Series than he he did at our wedding or the birth of either of our boys!
I have seen a lot of “so called” Cubs fans show up the last two years but I have watched my husband stay loyal and watch every single game for the last 10 years no matter how bad they were! I can not think of a more deserving fan than my husband Kipp! He is an amazing man, father, husband & Cubs fan! :)





Go Cubs! This would be the most amazing gift for my dad who is a true die hard cubs fan! We enjoy making it to Cubs games as frequently as possible as a family, and especially ever since we lost our mom almost five years ago. Mom and Dad used to love to go to Cubs games together, and now we are trying to carry on a tradition of making it to their games as well. Dad has always loved the cubs, and this year’s championship was almost like a healing for us as a family! We were able to all be rooting for the cubs, and knew that mom was with dad rooting them on as well! My dad, Rex, retires from UPS in March, and I couldn’t think of a better retirement gift for him than to go to Arizona to watch his favorite team get ready for the season! I can’t think of a more deserving fan than my dad. Cubs have obviously had some down years, but dad has always been a true cubs fan! It was a proud moment for me when I taught my twins the “Go Cubs Go” song, and would be an even more amazing moment if I was able to give my dad a trip to go see his favorite team! It would be an unbelievable time with just him and I to get away and enjoy ourselves and some great baseball! Thanks for this opportunity!







My dad Larry Thobe is the biggest Chicago Cubs fan I have ever known. He waited 75 years to see the Cubs win the World Series, he was born and raised a Cubs fan!. My sisters and I grew up listening to the Cubs on the radio or watching them play on TV with our dad, and his home is a Cubs shrine! The seventh inning stretch was always our favorite part and we all enjoyed singing with Harry Caray. Dad taught us to love the Cubs even through all the losing seasons and goat years. He has also passed the love of the Cubs on to his grandchildren, they all learned early on to sing “Go Cubs Go” and “Take me out to the ballgame”. My dad is always wearing his Cubs hat including making it a rally hat during the World Series. I would love to have the chance to take my Dad to spring training to see the Cubs live in AZ.





Warning!! Long post!

I grew up in a baseball family. A St. Louis Cardinal family, no less. In my attempt to do everything opposite of my dad I started rooting for the Cubs. And it stuck. We got WGN on the television so I spent the summers of my youth watching the other #23 from Chicago chew up ground balls and attack at the plate. I saved up my paper route money to buy a Cubs jacket. We went to Iowa Cubs games for Brian (my brother) and my birthdays.

I graduated from high school and moved away. Always cheering for the Cubs. But I will admit that I didn’t always follow very closely….after all, what was there to follow? I didn’t always announce that I was a Cubs fan because I didn’t always get congratulated! I graduated from college, got a job, got married, bought a farm, had babies, built a house. I tuned in countless times to the Cubs games on my commute home to be frustrated for one reason or another.

As my schedule of responsibilities has shifted in my own family (and the magic of smartphone apps, a local Cubs radio affiliate, streamlined radio broadcasts & Twitter) I have been able to follow the Cubbies much more closely. My timing is perfect.

Each year I watch post season baseball. It is SO good! I know some of you might roll your eyes and say it’s “boring”. But, to me is exactly the opposite. There are few things better than the sound of the crack of the bat, the intensity of a pitcher on fire, or the electricty of a defense clicking as one unit.

This year I’ve been able to watch MY favorite team play in October. I will always cheer for the National League because we don’t need a stinking DH. However, there is a place in my heart for those KC Royals. I mean, who doesn’t love a little pinetar incident??

I can’t WAIT for the World Series! Here’s to America’s past time! And here’s to America’s past time and here’s to the Cubs! #gocubsgo #flythew

Thanks so much for covering the Cubs on KCIM. I listen every chance that I get! And I’m a daily listener of all of your stations .
P.S. I’ve attached some photos of me as “Super Fan and her sidekick KB.” I swear the stuffed Kris Bryant is my son’s…..I swear….


I started going to Cubs games with my “aunt” Karen (my moms best friend who had no children and whom I am named after) She turned me on to the Cubs even though my dad was a Sox fan. My husbands family grew up in Iowa and are also Cubs fans. We are so devoted that we booked plane tickets to Chicago for the day after the series ended to be there in case they won it this year. Turns out that was a good idea! Karen passed away in 2010, but I know she would have been over the moon to see them win. Most recently we hung a pic of the Chicago skyline lit up with Cubs messages in our living room. We also have pics of the team winning the series framed and hung.













Every since I came into this world I have bleed Cubbie blue. I have always been a beloved fan of the north siders. Although they have had many ups and down throughout my lifetime I have stuck with them through thick and thin. I have seen them lose 100 plus games in a season and to this seasons 103 wins and a world series title. I have watched every postseason game the past two seasons. I saw Kyle’s home run that landed on top of the new scoreboard of the newly renovated Wrigley Field and Kris Bryant’s fielded ground ball that sealed the world series for the cubs ending the drought and many late nights with school in the morning. I watch as many games as possible throughout the year. From opening day to the end of the season. I have watched many games as possible with my grandpa another die hard cubs fan. We talk about the games and how they played. I even live stream the opening weeks at school on my computer hoping to check every play and home run hit by the cubs. I followed the new young team that has taken Cubbie fans by storm. I have seen almost every Chicago Cub player at the I-Cubs. I watched them grow up from young players to some of the best players in the league. I have been to multiple I-Cubs games and watched them grow as players on their way to the majors. I have watched many great cubs from the 2000’s. I have seen many players like Soriano and Sosa, and many other greats from the past Cubs teams that have shaped the team to this day and the great Harry Caray and one of his most know quotes “Holy Cow.” I have Soriano’s jersey and many Cubs baseball cards from Derek Lee, Ryan Theriot, Ryan Dempster, and new players like Anthony Rizzo. I have so much Cubs gear that I own and ask I for new gear every birthday and Christmas. I couldn’t imagine loving a different team other then the Cubs. I have watched the Cubs World Series DVD to many times to remember. Although I have never been to a Chicago Cubs game, I am hoping this opportunity will fulfill my lifelong dream to see, go to a game, and meet Cubs players. This would be a dream come true and the best gift I could ever receive.




A Cub’s fan, according to urban dictionary, is “someone to be pitied. A lost soul perpetually waiting for the arrival of a once in a millennium alignment of good management, coaching, and injury/error free players. A person duped by a wonderful ballpark and team owners into accepting consecutive seasons of failure. A drain on Chicago’s economy because they waste so much time, energy, and money going to day games (Urban Dictionary).” Well, ladies and gentleman, I am one of those loveable losers( scratch that) winners.
To a goat-busting fan like myself there are three realistic categories of being a baseball fan. The first category makes you stink worse than Murphy himself. You are literally in the category with Sianis. You wish doom on the Cubbies and are probably a Cardinal or White Sox’s fan. If you happen to be in this category and you are a Cub’s fan… your name is Steve Bartman. The second category is filled with baseball fans that like any other team besides the Cubs, Cardinals and White Sox. That leaves the third category, which is obviously the best, for Cubs fan. This category can range from the Bill Murray type of fans all the way to your crazy uncle that only likes the cubs because they were mentioned in the movie Back to the Future. To me, a Cub’s fan is a Cub’s fan!
I’m not a huge stat fan, I couldn’t really tell you how many homeruns Rizzo or Bryant hit this past season, even though I know that number is high, but I can tell you that Rizzo’s favorite cheese is ricotta and Bryant recently married Jess on January 8th. Like most fans today, I too have a special place in my heart for Grandpa Ross and wish that I could hang out with Rizzo, Bryant and Baez, and that Harry Caray was my grandfather. HOLY COW!
My first encounter with the Cubs, that I can remember, was when my Grandfather took all of us to Wrigley field. I wasn’t old enough to comprehend baseball, but I remember eating frozen treats with a wooden spoon and my oversized Cubs t-shirt. I loved and still love that shirt!
Wrigley felt like a once in a lifetime visit, so to feed my baseball addiction I attended a lot of Iowa Cubs game. It was a tradition for my family and I to eat at Spaghetti Works Restaurant then go to the I-Cub’s game where I was supporting my very first lucky t-shirt.
The older I got the more intrigued I became with the Cubs. When social media came around I followed all the fake and real Cubs accounts and became fascinated with the history and daily updates on the players. I also started to accumulate shirts, jerseys, pillows, stickers, cups, mugs, flags, jewelry and other Cub’s gear. Little traces of the Cub’s started to follow me everywhere I went and I’ve slowly become more and more of crazy Cub’s fan.
On September 5th, 2015 a friend and I decided that we needed to go back to Wrigley. We bought tickets, got a hotel room and at2:15 a.m. we left Des Moines for Chicago. At 5:34 a.m. we stopped in the middle of nowhere, for a quick roadside bathroom break, chugged a few red bulls and continued on. With 2 hours of sleep and determination to make it to Illinois in time for the game we continued our journey. We saw the Chicago skyline at 7:29 a.m. that morning- leaving us plenty of time to get our new Cub’s jersey and a crappy parking spot before the game! We were in our seats and the top of the first ended with a strikeout. The time was 1:27 p.m. and I had already taken a million pictures for social media! I thought being able to watch the players I knew, seeing Sammy Sosa’s flag fly, looking for the Eamus Catuli (Let’s go Cubs in Latin) sign on the rooftop, watching them change the score on our scoreboard and singing Go Cubs Go would be the best day of my life, then October 22, 2016 happened. I was attending a wedding at the Elk’s Club in Waterloo Iowa. All I can say is bless for televisions at the bar and a mother back home who was keeping me updated! When I found out that we were going to the World Series, I almost cried tears of joy! You better believe when that D.J. played go cubs go, that I was out on that dance floor dancing away!
October 25th – November 2nd, the week I secretly wore something Cubs under my business casual attire at work. The week every win made me just as nervous as a loss. The week I crossed Joe Buck off my friend list. The week I made sure not to miss a second of any game – even if that meant staying up late. That was the week I thought I was going to die. Then November 3 came along and I grew nervous with every pitch, every at bat, every out and every second we waited during that rain delay! All that nervous energy soon turned into goose bumps and joy! November 3, 2016 = Best Day of my life! And so I’m singing:
Go, Cubs, go
Go, Cubs, go
Hey, Carroll broadcasting, what do you say?
Pick me to see the Cubs today!!!!

#FlytheW #WorldSeriesChamps


I’m entering for my husband and grandson, they are devoted Cubs fans! Of course my husband has had to wait a lot longer for the W than my grandson ! Lol. It would mean the world to them to go watch their beloved Cubbies in Spring Training. The Cubs have always been a great bonding experience for them, from going to games, trading cards orjust talking about them! I don’t know who was more excited about the World Series and it’s outcome! Made for some late nights, but all worth it! I’m enclosing the pics after of them both after final game. FLY THE W!!!




Remembering back to the day my grandfather would listen to the Cubs on kcim after lunch . Only day games back then. I was 6or7 warned by grandma not to disturb him .then my dad being a cub fan remembering him getting a new Cubs hat and only he could wear it telling me and my bothers some day they were going to be in the world series. I still have his hat don’t tell my brothers. So I became a Cubs fan . My grandfather or my dad never been to Wrigley field I have been several times. My daughter became a so so fan but when she met Joe (future husband) he was a big cub fan .we hit it when my grandson Joey came along (he is 11 now ) we made him a Cubs fan. Most of the time he knows more about the players than we do . I am entering so maybe all of us can go to spring training. I know my grandfather and dad would have loved to see them win . But I let my dad know they made it!




Many families have something that hold a special bond between one another. A favorite vacation spot, a place to eat supper, or even, in my husband’s case, a love (some might say obsession) for the Chicago Cubs. Since meeting my husband, Andy, I have also come to love the game of baseball, what it represents, and the Chicago Cubs. Andy began watching baseball when he was a toddler with his grandfathers Duane Boeckman and Harry Klocke. Countless hours were spent together discussing the line up and their stats. When Grandpa Klocke passed away a few years ago, Andy was gifted with his beloved Cubs hat. Since then, this has become a stable to our house during each Cub game. During the World Series, Andy had a special place for his hat, on the coffee table watching the game right along side of us just as the two of them had for years and years. This year when Andy first had the feeling in his stomach that this really could be our year, we made the agreement if the Cubs did make it to the World Series we would order new Cubs gear. What a surprise to Andy when he opened up his Anthony Rizzo jersey; something he had always wanted, but would never buy himself. At this same time, we also said if they won the World Series, tattoos would be in order to celebrate this historic event. I was game for a tattoo, however, not of anything baseball related. I also posed this same question to Andy. ‘A baseball? The date to symbolize this win?’ As a man with no tattoos, I couldn’t envision him with the ‘typical’ World Series tattoo that we had seen floating around on the Internet. It was than when Andy had told me since losing both of his grandfathers he had always wanted to get a tattoo to symbolize their relationship. He had told me for years he knew once the Cubs FINALLY won the World Series it would be a way to symbolize all of the memories he had growing up. The tattoo will finally become a reality in February, a birthday gift from our two-year old son, Cade, and myself. This year I brought that same love to my classroom in Boone. Each morning of post-season we would start with our ‘Go Cubs Go’ song and dance moves. Secretly, I really believe this was our good luck charm this year. Many students never had heard of the Cubs before but it was so exciting to hear stories of parents saying their child would wake up asking ‘Did the Cubs win?’ The Cubs were able to bring a sense of classroom community, something I strive for each day. The love for the Chicago Cubs that Andy has brought not only to myself, but Cade, has been so much fun. Baseball has been a time to bring us together at Principal Park to watch some of our favorites before they are called up. They have brought moments of frustration, and much needed happy tears. This season was especially crucial for smiles for Andy as our family was left speechless and scared after two Des Moines Police Officers were killed in the line of duty. (Andy works the same night shift, thirty miles away for Story County Sheriff’s Office) The Cubs knew some of their biggest fans in Iowa needed to be able to smile on the evening of November 2. Looking around our house at all of the Cubs gear (socks, shirts, cubs, wall hangings, etc.) can show just how much of a Cubs fan Andy is. To me, however, he shows me each spring and summer how big of fan with our countless trips to Principal Park and his yearly trip around the country to watch the Cubs in different stadiums, the favorite being Wrigley of course!




Shortly before midnight on November 2nd, It Happened! The Cubs, my Cubs, won the World Series! It was a stunning night. Even two months later, I still get teary eyed watching WS highlights or listening to Eddie Vedder sing “All the Way.” Yes, I’m still watching highlights. It never gets old.
I’ve been a Cubs fan since 1969 (the year of the late season collapse) and I’m now 58 years old. My dad is 87 and in hospice care in Cedar Rapids. We talk daily and this past season gave us plenty to talk about (many times Dad questioning Joe Maddon’s pitching changes). So I’m so glad for him. The Wait Until Next Year might not come for him. But we will always remember 2016.
I’ve been to Wrigley many times, with my dad, and I’ve taken my boys there as well. Heaven on Earth. But I’ve never been to Spring Training, so I’d love to go. My dilemma will be who to take?  My wife of 36 years (though not a Cubs fan), my brother-in-law who is a big Cubs fan, or my son Alex who is the next generation of Cubs fan. Regardless, I can’t wait to watch them defend their title. Go Cubs Go !!!



If my dad, Dale, knew I were writing this, he wouldn’t necessarily approve. He isn’t one for much publicity and would never be someone who would write an essay to win a contest. Thus, I am writing this on his behalf. For as long as I can remember, my dad has been in love with the game of baseball. He played slow pitch with all his buddies in the Carroll area when I was growing up. Wanting to follow in his footsteps, I worked my way up from tball all the way to playing softball through my senior year of high school. Dad would take time away from farming to play catch with me or help me improve my swing. Sports has been a unifying force in my family. We all have “our” teams. One of my brothers roots for the Kansas Jayhawks, while the other one avidly watches the Texas Longhorns. The one team in our house that everyone cheers for is the Chicago Cubs. From a young age, I can remember watching the Cubs on WGN or listening to them on the radio. Although I may not have been interested in every game, my dad always enthusiastically watched or listened to his Cubbies. Through all the superstitions, the highs of each win and the lows of each loss, Dad has been a loyal fan. One of our only family vacations was to Chicago to see the Cubs play at Wrigley Field. He was captivated the moment we entered the ballpark. From the Old Style beer on tap to the ivy-covered wall in the outfield, the day was perfect. To top it off, we got to sing “Go Cubs Go” after Dad’s Cubbies got the win on that hot, sunny summer day. This past fall, dad got to see a milestone he never thought he would witness in his lifetime. He watched the nail-biting game 7 on TV to the bitter end, as the Cubs won the World Series for the first time since 1908. It seemed to be a dream come true for someone who has so much love for the game and for his beloved Cubs. Go Cubs Go!

I don’t miss a game. What I do miss out on are lots of social outings because I’m watching games! I’m missing work this coming Wednesday to go see the World Series Trophy. Im the resident crazy Cubs fan with all my friends and co-workers. And i wear that title proudly!! Lol. My daughter went to Wrigley for the first time on her 3rd birthday and has also been a devoted fan ever since. I watched the World Series at Principal Park and froze my butt off cuz I represented in my Cubs footie (pictured). Got lots of high fives for that one!! I live, eat, BREATHE Cubs baseball in season….and just count down til Spring training in the off. Would love to be able to surprise my fave lil Cubbies fan by taking her to Spring training!! Please please PLEASE pick me!!!!!!!!













I am actually a fan just not as big as my soon to be 60 year old brother. You see for as long as I can remember, from growing up in Carroll, Iowa Daryl has been the biggest Chicago cubs fan that I know! Daryl used to live at home with all 11 of his siblings, until it was to hard for mom and dad to take care of him. He now has resided in a New Hope Village group home at 1826 Northwest Street for 20 years or so now. He cannot live on his own as he was born with a mental handicap as were two other brothers. Out of 12 children and 2 parents there are seven brothers and sisters left. Four of us that live around the area take turns every other weekend to bring him to our homes, makes him a lot more lucky than others who have no one around to even visit them right. When he visits he wears the same long sleeve cubs shirt, printed cubs pants, slippers with cubs logos, even camping in 100 degree weather! He has a baseball cubs hat that gets very sweaty and dirty but doesn’t like to take it off to give it a bath except when going to Church. I have been noticing that it’s getting harder to take care of him, and would love to be able for him to take one last trip to see and possibly meet his favorite team, next comes the Hawkeyes! I do not have any pictures of him to upload on here though and still hope you trust me that he’s one of the biggest Cub fans I know. Thank you for your consideration for Daryl Hoffmann from New Hope Village to be able to have a chance to win






Many families have something that hold a special bond between one another. A favorite vacation spot, a place to eat supper, or even, in my husband’s case, a love (some might say obsession) for the Chicago Cubs. Since meeting my husband, Andy, I have also come to love the game of baseball, what it represents, and the Chicago Cubs. Andy began watching baseball when he was a toddler with his grandfathers Duane Boeckman and Harry Klocke. Countless hours were spent together discussing the line up and their stats. When Grandpa Klocke passed away a few years ago, Andy was gifted with his beloved Cubs hat. Since then, this has become a stable to our house during each Cub game. During the World Series, Andy had a special place for his hat, on the coffee table watching the game right along side of us just as the two of them had for years and years. This year when Andy first had the feeling in his stomach that this really could be our year, we made the agreement if the Cubs did make it to the World Series we would order new Cubs gear. What a surprise to Andy when he opened up his Anthony Rizzo jersey; something he had always wanted, but would never buy himself. At this same time, we also said if they won the World Series, tattoos would be in order to celebrate this historic event. I was game for a tattoo, however, not of anything baseball related. I also posed this same question to Andy. ‘A baseball? The date to symbolize this win?’ As a man with no tattoos, I couldn’t envision him with the ‘typical’ World Series tattoo that we had seen floating around on the Internet. It was than when Andy had told me since losing both of his grandfathers he had always wanted to get a tattoo to symbolize their relationship. He had told me for years he knew once the Cubs FINALLY won the World Series it would be a way to symbolize all of the memories he had growing up. The tattoo will finally become a reality in February, a birthday gift from our two-year old son, Cade, and myself. This year I brought that same love to my classroom in Boone. Each morning of post-season we would start with our ‘Go Cubs Go’ song and dance moves. Secretly, I really believe this was our good luck charm this year. Many students never had heard of the Cubs before but it was so exciting to hear stories of parents saying their child would wake up asking ‘Did the Cubs win?’ The Cubs were able to bring a sense of classroom community, something I strive for each day. The love for the Chicago Cubs that Andy has brought not only to myself, but Cade, has been so much fun. Baseball has been a time to bring us together at Principal Park to watch some of our favorites before they are called up. They have brought moments of frustration, and much needed happy tears. This season was especially crucial for smiles for Andy as our family was left speechless and scared after two Des Moines Police Officers were killed in the line of duty. (Andy works the same night shift, thirty miles away for Story County Sheriff’s Office) The Cubs knew some of their biggest fans in Iowa needed to be able to smile on the evening of November 2. Looking around our house at all of the Cubs gear (socks, shirts, cubs, wall hangings, etc.) can show just how much of a Cubs fan Andy is. To me, however, he shows me each spring and summer how big of fan with our countless trips to Principal Park and his yearly trip around the country to watch the Cubs in different stadiums, the favorite being Wrigley of course!





Many people claim to be Cubs fans, now that it is cool to like the Cubs. Some of us, though, have been true Cubs fans our entire lives. I attended my first Cubs game at Wrigley Field when I was two years old, and I went to my second game when I was three. Living over seven hours away from Chicago made it rather difficult to get to many Cubs games. However, the Cubs had a contract with WGN, and I tried to watch as many Cubs games as I could when I was little. I remember checking the TV guide every Sunday during baseball season to see which Cubs games would be on WGN that upcoming week. Sesame Street? Barney? Disney movies? No, no, and no. I was all about watching sports, especially baseball. Cubs vs Astros 1991 (Notice the leash they kept on me so I couldn’t wander off!) A Baseball Family Baseball has been a part of our family my whole life. My dad coached for the Irwin Little League for 12 years. I got to tag along and be the batboy until I was old enough to start playing myself. Summertime evenings during my childhood consisted of going to Little League practices and baseball games. The Cubs played a lot of day games on WGN, so many of my days were spent watching the Cubs before heading off to watch or play in a Little League game. If the Cubs were playing in the evening I would try and tape the game on our VCR. I didn’t know how to run the VCR, but if I left a note my family would help me out. In my spare time I loved collecting baseball cards and trying to complete each team’s current lineup. I usually spent my time in church drawing athletes or field line-ups on the 2 back of the church bulletin. As a five year old I could list off the Cubs starting lineup by heart, even if I couldn’t spell them very well. I would always write the catcher’s name ‘upside down’ because that was the direction he faced. Chicago Cubs 1993 Lineup Sammy Sosa Drawing A Note to Record the 1994 All Star Game A Note to Record a Cubs Game 3 Birks Family Vacations Vacations for the Birks family were typically planned around a baseball game. Some years we just made a quick trip to Omaha to watch the Omaha Royals or to Des Moines to watch the Iowa Cubs. Once, we saw the Cubs play the Royals in Kansas City. In 2002 we took a family vacation to St. Louis. After watching the Cubs and Cardinals play in at Busch Stadium, my parents agreed to take my brother and me to a Cubs game in Chicago the following summer. I still remember the 2-1 Cubs win over the Arizona Diamondbacks. I was lucky enough to witness my childhood sports hero, Sammy Sosa blast a home run in the 7th inning. We went to our last Cubs game as a family in 2006 when the Cubs hosted the Cardinals. We witnessed Greg Maddux’s final Cubs game. Cubs vs Diamondbacks 2003 My College Years In August 2007, I moved to Iowa City for college. Not only was I in Iowa City for Hawkeye football and basketball games, but now I was three hours closer to Chicago! Between 2008 and 2012, I attended six Cubs games. In May 2008 my brother took my college roommate and me to see the Cubs and Diamondbacks play. This was my first ‘Bleacher Bum’ experience. Sitting in the bleachers in Wrigley is a one-of-a-kind experience. The following May, I brought a different friend along to join my brother and me for a Cubs-Dodgers game. The 2008 and 2009 Cubs teams both finished with winning records. The five years that followed were full of losses, including two of the worst seasons in Cubs history. The losing couldn’t keep me away from Wrigley Field. During 2011 and 2012 I saw Cubs pitchers Randy Wells, Rodrigo Lopez, and Casey Coleman start games. During that span, the Cubs players I witnessed hit home runs were Geovany Soto, Tyler Colvin, Bryan Lahair, and Tony Campana, who had an inside-the- park home run. The majority of those players didn’t have very long careers in baseball. My college roommates and I made the questionable decision to attend a Cubs game on a school 4 night on September 6, 2011. The Cubs were 20 games below .500 with just 20 games left in the season. We left on that Tuesday afternoon and returned after the 13 inning Cubs defeat. Since the game got over just after 11:00 PM, I struggled to stay awake the last part of the trip. With an arm out of the window to stay awake, and one of my roommates sound asleep in my backseat we pulled back into our house in Iowa City after 3 AM. Meant to Be Together While the Cubs were generally terrible toward the end of my college years, there were a couple of very memorable Cubs games that I attended. They weren’t memorable for anything that happened on the field, but rather for who went with me. In 2010, I took the position as assistant baseball coach in Audubon, where I noticed the cute ticket-taker at home games. Ashlyn and I started dating that July. In 2011, I became Audubon’s head baseball coach. That year, Ashlyn and I went with my brother and his wife to watch the Cubs play the Reds. Ashlyn grew up a Cubs fan too, but she had never been to Wrigley Field before this. Tony Campana was her favorite player for quite a while, especially after she witnessed his inside-the-park home run that day. In 2012, Ashlyn and I went to our first trip to Wrigley alone. We saw the Cubs nearly get no-hit by AJ Burnett of the Pirates on July 31. We also saw the final games of Geovany Soto and Ryan Dempster, who were traded to the Rangers during the game. Little did I know that a prospect named Kyle Hendricks who was headed to the Cubs in return would end up being a Cy Young candidate a few years later. After nearly five years of dating I decided to propose to Ashlyn on May 31, 2015. My marriage proposal had a baseball “theme.” I had Ashlyn’s mom take their walking route down by the baseball field. As they got to the field they came over to see what I was doing. I “complained” to Ashlyn that the players had left a bunch of balls on the field after taking groundballs that afternoon. She came over to help me pick up the balls until she noticed that they spelled something: “Marry Me?” Baseball continues to be a part of our lives. Every game that Ashlyn attends, which is nearly all of them, she takes the official scorebook for me. She helps with lineup cards, Quikstats, charts, and much more.




Baseball has always run deep in my family. My dad, John Waddle, has been the head coach at Coon Rapids-Bayard going on 35 years now. From the time my older brother and I could walk he began teaching us the game of baseball. Dad always made sure my brother, Jacob, and I held the bat correctly and stood on the proper side of whatever item we decided was home plate that day.  He wanted us to bat left handed, and we did. As my brother and I grew of age, we became bat boys for the Crusaders.  Even then I began to notice Dad did not just bleed red and black for the Crusaders, he bled another color as well: Cubbie Blue. His passion and love for the Cubs were instilled in me. Like my father, the Cubs taught me many life lessons: patience, heart-break, and loyalty among them.

In 1998 I attended my first Chicago Cubs game. We went on a family trip to Wrigley Field to see my favorite player, Slammin’ Sammy Sosa. (see picture 1) It is true that a bunch of my current passwords are directly related to my love of Sammy Sosa. Since that first game in 1998 my Dad and I have seen the Cubs sweep the Brewers in Milwaukee, and we returned to Wrigley Field together in 2013. For Father’s Day, in 2015, I surprised my Dad with a trip to Minneapolis and a Cubs game against the Twins in their new ballpark! Jake Arrieta pitched a 4-hit, complete game shutout that day.

We haven’t been to a lot of Cubs games because of our involvement in the high school baseball season.  If we can’t catch them on TV we love to listen to Pat Hughes on the radio. Our car and house radios are permanently glued to KCIM! Dad and I shed many tears together and both needed walked back from the ledge by our mother that fateful night in 2003. Yes, Bartman. Together again, we watched the Cubs get swept out of the playoffs in 2007 and 2008. My mother declared she no longer liked the Cubs, as they had caused too much pain in her household!

Over the next six seasons I surpassed even my Dad’s love of the Cubs, at least outwardly. Two 60 win seasons and never topping 83 wins didn’t deter me. It had gotten to the point of insanity. Cub’s coasters, a Cub’s bedside table, Cub’s pillowcases and bedspread were just a few ways I showed passion for my team. All are still being used, except my mother made me get rid of the worn out pillowcases. Fan as in “fanatic” boiled over and was caught on video during the 2015 Wild Card game against the Pirates when they INTENIONTALLY threw at Jake Arrieta! That video has since gone viral; mostly because of the attire I was wearing as a 24 year old. (See Video) Again my dad and I had the chance to watch them in the playoffs together. Same devastating results though. Maybe next year we said.

Well 2016 came and I had to move away from Coon Rapids in my sales position with The Graphic Edge.  We were not able to watch the playoff run together. Just phone calls after the game as we were too nervous during. Fortunately, a sales meeting in Carroll united us for one game during the World Series, but I had to return to eastern Iowa the next day. I missed sharing the Cubs historic run with my Dad. In the end we both were shedding tears of jubilation nonetheless! (see picture 2) We talked on the phone and I thanked him for all the memories we had and for making me a Cubs fan!

Nothing would be more exciting than getting to spend time in Mesa, Arizona, watching the Cubs during Spring Training, with the person who taught me everything there is to know about baseball. My Dad has given me so much including that we bleed together Cubbie Blue.  I can’t thank KCIM radio enough for offering this contest and for all your radio station has meant to this son and his Dad.


Amelia wants 106.7 to know: “MY mommy and daddy are THE MOST DEVOTED Cubs fans around!!” and here is why…

In 2012: Ashley and I began dating after attending a Cubs game at Wrigley Field with mutual friends. At this game, there was a 3 hour rain delay. Over half the crowd in the stadium left the game, but we stuck it out and got first row seats right behind center fielder DeJesus.

In 2013: We returned to Wrigley Field for another home game, and we told each other we would try to make this trip every summer, because we absolutely fell in love with the Cubs fan atmosphere and watching our favorite team in person!

Between 2014-2016: Ashley and I planned a wedding, got married, and had our first baby, Amelia, so we were not able to make it back to Wrigley for a game. We couldn’t quit talking about how much we are looking forward to going back to watch the Cubs play in person, but we devoted ourselves to watching the games, often times with friends, through TV. Watching the Cubs with the 2016 World Series had us jumping out of our seats, in tears, and exhausted the next day!!!!!!!

Summer 2017: We are expecting our 2nd little CUBS fan, so we will not be able to make it back to Wrigley field summer either.

Getting to see our Cubs during Spring training would mean the world to us! We have truly missed out on seeing them in person these past couple years, although watching every game possible through TV has been the next best thing.

PLEASE help us get to Mesa to see our Cubs before Cubs fan #2 arrives this summer! Amelia would also like to spend the week with Grandma and Grandpa, so she says to get her parents out of Iowa!

–Joe, Ashley, and Amelia
To preface this, I will say that I am one devoted baseball fan overall. October is my favorite time of year, when baseball playoffs take place. That being said, there is some (healthy) rivalry between me and my boyfriend when it comes to teams. I must admit, I am an avid St Louis Cardinals fan. He is a gung-ho Cubs fan. I was happy for his excitement over their World Series win this past season. They deserved it, and it was fun to watch that big piece of baseball history take place after 108 years! During the summer months, my boyfriend and I try to find time to make it to at least one baseball game together. Unfortunately, we have still not made it to a Cubs game. I know he would be absolutely ecstatic to do so! Just look at the pure excitement on his face when he watched them win the World Series! We both would be over the top excited for this wonderful opportunity. Who knows, maybe he would finally persuade me to change teams! Go Cubs Go!


My devotion to the Cubbies cannot be measured by mere words. As a kid I fell in love with the Cubs, rooting for Sammy Sosa to outlast Mark McGwire in the home-run battle that brought baseball back into the national spotlight. Sosa fell short that year (despite 66 dingers!), but my fandom was just beginning. I watched in agonizing pain as “he who shall not be named” tried to catch the foul ball on the left field wall. Sending would-be-hero Moises Alou and our beloved Northsiders home from the playoffs early in the 2003 NLCS. I started going to games at Wrigley Field as soon as I could drive myself there, despite the trip being over 4 hours each way. I had high hopes in 2007 and 2008 when Chicago and my favorite players like Derrek Lee and Alfonso Soriano won the NL Central back-to-back years, only to be knocked out of the playoffs in the first round. I met my future wife in 2009, and for 7 years she has ridden the roller coaster of Cubs fanaticism alongside me. She has even agreed to let me name our first child Wrigley. Well…middle name at least. Then finally, this past November, after being swept out of the NLCS the year prior, my Cubbies really did it: THE CHICAGO CUBS CAME BACK FROM A 3-1 DEFICIT AND WON THE WORLD SERIES. Despite living in Oregon now (I’m an Iowa native), I was able to celebrate with my wife and our many Cubs Converts, who had decided to hop on the bandwagon over the course of the season. We screamed, jumped up and down, and finally took a breath after that insane 10 inning seventh game against the Indians. The “W” flag is flying high here in Corvallis, Oregon, and my wife and I would love nothing more than to win this trip to go meet the players that finally ended the 108 year drought.




Every game that is on tv we watch. It out “quiet time” where we root in the CUBS!!! We love to go to games to if time allows and we can find tickets that are not in the nosebleed section, because all who wants to sit there when you LOVE ball and you LOVe your team. 2 years ago we were able to go to the game with a few friends and had a blast. Out kids are big Iowa CUBS fans and we have started our tradition taking them to the games as well. It’s such a great and friendly atompsphere. It would be a dream for me to win tickets to go watch them in training